The Yorkie is one of the easiest of the long coated breeds to groom because they have a single silky coat. They have no undercoat. Yorkies do not shed. However, they do lose some hair just like us humans do. You may find it in their hairbrush or around the house just like you would your own. Grooming your yorkie is a necessity however easy or difficult you may find it. Try to enjoy grooming your dog. Think of it as a special time in which you can bond with and become closer to your beloved four legged friend.




1- A quality dog shampoo. Make sure to use a tearless puppy shampoo if you have a young dog. I also use a tearless shampoo on my adult dogs face and around their eyes especially. Do not use human shampoo on your dog as they have a different pH balance.

2- Get a good pet conditioner to use after shampooing.

3- Soft absorbent towel.

4- Leave-in conditioner for after the bath. Always use this before brushing your dogs coat. Never brush your pets coat while it is totally dry. This can cause coat damage.

5- Comb with long teeth.

6- Pin brush.

7- Fine toothed comb.

8- Scissors.

9- Cotton balls.

10- Ear cleaner/deodorizer.

11- Toothbrush.

12- Toothpaste.

13- Nail clippers.

***You can find your grooming supplies at most pet stores.***


The Bath

You can bathe your yorkie in a tub or in a sink. Just make sure that you always have your eyes and a hand on your dog. Yorkies think that they are invincible and may try to jump out of a sink and could severally injure themselves.

First wet your dog thoroughly. Get a bit of shampoo and gently work it into your dogs hair massaging your dog as you go along. If you notice a tangle or a mat now is the time to try and work it out with your fingers. You may also use a long toothed comb to try and help you to work out a mat. Just be careful not to rip at it as this could be painful for your little friend. After you have shampooed your dogs entire body make sure to get good around their eyes. I use a little of the tearless puppy shampoo when shampooing my dogs face. You can also use your fine toothed comb to get out unsightly eye crud from underneath the dogs eyes. Rinse your dog completely making sure to get out all the soap. If any soap residue stays in your dogs coat this can cause dry skin, dandruff. You may repeat the shampooing process again if you feel that your dog is still not yet clean. After all the shampoo is out put a fair amount of conditioner in your dogs coat. Leave it in for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse. Blot your dog gently with the towel. I usually dry my yorkies face first and then the rest of him. Make sure not to rub roughly as this too can damage their coat. Once your dog is sufficiently dry move him/her to the area where you will finish his grooming process.


Drying, Combing/Brushing, Trimming, Ear & Teeth Cleaning

Spray your dog with the leave in conditioner. This not only helps in the brushing of the coat but it also repels dirt and urine. Comb/brush through your dogs hair. You may blow dry your dog if you wish. Please make sure to use a low heat setting so you will not burn your pups skin. Now you may use your long toothed comb to comb through your dogs coat a final time parting him/her down the middle.

You may now use this time to trim away any long hair along your pups rear. This helps to keep him/her cleaner. You may trim under the pads of your dogs feet and you should trim 1/3 of the way down your dogs ear. This will keep your dogs hair from weighing down their ears.

After your yorkie is dry and brushed clean their ears with a good ear cleanser/deodorizer. You usually put a few drops in each ear, massage, leave alone for a couple of minutes and then gently rub out any dirt from the inside ear with a cotton ball. Make sure to be careful with their little ears.

Now its time to brush your pets teeth. I like to use the tooth brushes that slip on your finger but any small dog toothbrush will do. You may use dog approved toothpaste to brush your dogs teeth.

Toenail Trimming

To trim your dogs toenails make sure to use a good quality dog nail clipper. Be careful not to cut you dogs nails too short as this can cause bleeding. If this does happen quickly grab a bar of soap and scratch the dogs toenail over the soap making sure to get the bar soap under the nail. This will usually stop the bleeding. Another good thing to have on hand to stop minor bleeding is styptic powder. This stops bleeding fast. If for any reason the bleeding doesn't stop take your dog to the vet!


Bathing/Ear cleaning - Once a week.

Brushing teeth - Every couple of days should be sufficient.

Ear, Rear, and Foot pad Trimming - every 2 to 3 weeks.

Nail Trimming - every 2 to 4 weeks.

Coat Brushing/Combing - Daily to every few days.

***Wipe under eyes with a warm damp cotton ball every couple of days. Brush under the eyes with a fine toothed comb every couple of days to remove eye gook.***









Yorkie Grooming Tips


I usually groom my Yorkiepoos the same way excluding the ear trimming and the parting of the hair.